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Patient Support

While undergoing ART treatment there might be some areas of concern for the patient. It is pertinent that the patient should be aware of some possible problems or situations so that they can seek help if they want to. Apart from the financial cost involved in the treatment, a patient and their family members also need to spare a lot of time from their busy schedule. Above all, there is a physical and emotional strain that the couple is subjected to. Infertility is an emotional issue and there are times when a couple seeking treatment feels frustration, anger, guilt or a lack of self-esteem. During the course of your treatment, you will interact with our team members who are always available for your care and support.

Try not to make sudden or dramatic changes to your daily routines to avoid additional stress. The treatment may take time to yield the desired outcome. So, we recommend that you integrate the treatment into your usual routine to whatever extent possible.

Some infertility treatments can be expensive. But, in order to have the best opportunity of a successful outcome, especially IVF, a minimum of 3-4 treatment cycles are recommended. Feel free to discuss the costs involved in various treatments and plan accordingly.

Before any treatment procedure, your doctor will make you fully aware of the options for treatment, the success rates, the risks and side effects including longer term outcomes, the limitations to current knowledge and details of the procedures you are likely to undertake.

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