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Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) involves the assisted transfer of sperm into the uterus by means of a catheter directed through the cervix. IUI was originally designed to assist in cases of male infertility. The premise of IUI is that the sperm can reach and fertilize the egg more easily if placed in the uterine cavity.

This technique is recommended when infertility is:

  • unexplained;
  • secondary to a male factor, cervical factor, mild tubal factor
  • caused by endometriosis but tubal patency (opening) is established.

The steps for IUI treatment:

Insemination is done within a small time, but female needs to consume fertility medicine for 7 days prior ovulation. On the base of cause of fertility problems, few cycles of IUI treatment can be followed to become pregnant.

Nowadays fertility treatment specialists suggest females partner is in their 30s and older to fertility will choose IVF as a prior treatment after single or double time failure of IUI cycles.

IUI with Donor Sperm

In IUI donor insemination, donor sperms are used to make a woman pregnant.

Insemination with donor semen is indicated for the following male factors-

Counselling is essential to get answers of your all doubts about the safety of treatment and its results before choosing donor sperms. This is another common method for IUI pregnancy that helps couples to enjoy the feeling of becoming parent

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