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Egg & Sperm Donation

The use of donate gametes (egg or sperm) and embryo give a chance for a couple to have a child when either the female has no viable eggs or the male has no sperm

Donor egg may be recommended to women who have a uterus but whose ovaries do not produce viable eggs, perhaps due to premature ovarian failure. Women may be candidates for donor eggs following a history of severe endometriosis or pelvic infection, chemotherapy or radiation, non functioning ovaries and women who have a serious genetic disease that may be passed on to a child if her own eggs are used.

Who are the egg recipients?

Women who have very little chance of becoming pregnant due to one or more the following factors:

  • Non functioning ovaries.
  • Advanced age ,above 42 years.
  • Repetitive failure IVF / ICSI

Need for donor sperm

Men who have severe sperm abnormalities or no sperm at all or potentially serious genetic traits can benefit from sperm donation process.

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